Spring Cleaning Your Computers

Spring is in the air, and everyone is doing home improvement projects, gardening, and cleaning up the inside and outside of their homes and offices.

Did you know you should do cleaning of your computers and cell phones, too?

  1. Clean the outside of the device - use a safe alcohol wipe to clean the screen, keyboard, and fan area. DO NOT spray directly onto the device, because the moisture could get into circuitry and cause damage. Instead, use a chamois cloth or lint-free wipe.  Using pure alcohol wipes is the safest approach, but if you use glass cleaner make sure it evaporates quickly.
  2. Clean the inside of the device - for this we recommend having a professional handle this to make sure your system is kept as safe as possible while the dirt and dust is removed. The cleaning includes gently cleaning the ports, plugs and drives. Depending on how much dirt or dust is present, the professional may need to remove the cover and "blow out" the debris safely, plus inspect the fan and circuit connections.
  3. Printers need love, too - schedule a "deep cleaning" of your printer at your local IT store. This makes sure the print heads are cleaned, cartridges are fresh, and nothing is blocking the print or paper feed mechanisms.
  4. Digi-clean also - you may want to put some of those old files and photos on other storage devices (or the cloud) to free up space on your hard drive. You might look at the apps loaded on your laptop or cell phone and remove the ones that are no longer useful. Plus - having a professional run a diagnostic can determine if you need to defrag your disks or do any tuning to speed up your system so it runs smoothly.
  5. Back it up - if you haven't checked your backup to confirm it is working properly, spring is the perfect time to do that! Need help to check your backup? Check with your local IT professionals!
  6. Patch it up - make sure all your software patches are up to date. You can work with a professional to check everything for you.

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Stay clean!

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